Mobile Sheep Dipping
Mobile Sheep Dipping
Getting the mobile sheep dipping trailer ready


After many years of sheep dipping, we designed our own custom built mobile sheep dip unit. The mobile sheep dip unit is bought to your farm and can be set up in a yard or field, the design allows for minimal stress to the sheep and can be worked quickly and effectively by our trained team of dippers for minimal disruption to the farmer.

We transport water and chemicals on board so we are fully mobile, just setup and go. The sheep run up a race and are entirely submerged, the sheep then drain on the unit before being released so there is no contamination from the chemicals used.

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Getting the mobile sheep dipping trailer ready

“The team turned up on time which was really important to me as a busy farmer, they were careful with my stock and did a very thorough job. I will use next time I dip.”

Clive Pullin, Buckinghamshire

Golden Fleece Sheep Dip

Kills scab, blowfly, ticks, keds, lice & more

Mobile Sheep Dipping Trailer

Available nationwide across the UK.

UK Mobile Sheep Dipping Service available Nationwide
Sheep Dip trasport water and chemicals

We bring the works. Fully mobile setup.